Star of the Month (Music) – July

One boy and girl from each class will be selected as Star of the Month based on their performance on instruments and vocals.

Prep Std I Std II
Aditya Kamath – Prep ERidhima Nair – Prep E Tanisha Agarwal – I BAyaan S Ahammad – I B Anvi Sharma – II AVarun Anand – II B
Std III Std IV Std V
Srishti A Shirole – III BDishant AKumar – III B Prateeti Saran – IV BAmal Sony P – IV A Nakshatra Nambiar – V ARohit Binu – V B
Shreya Rajshekhar – VI BRahul Arun – VI B Bhairavi Vinod V. – VII BRakshit Dixit – VII B Kavya SureshRyan Champakara

School Safety

Dear Parents,                                                                                                               18.07.14

We at GIS, comprehend the angst and uncertainty experienced by each one of you, after having heard about the inhumane act at an international school due to the lapse of security.

It has always been the primary concern of our school management to ensure the safety of all students. Our security measures, from the time your ward boards the school bus in the morning and alights at school, till departure to destination home, has been our top priority.

a) Lady governesses deployed in the School buses along with the attendant and Driver until the last drop point.
b) During dispersal the class teacher hands over the children to the respective governesses in bus routes and the attendance is mandatory (both morning and afternoon).
c) The children who are picked up by the parents are made to sign the “Walker’s Register” everyday.
d) No student can leave the premises during school hours. In case of emergency the child is handed over to the parent after signing the gate pass which is counter signed by all concerned authority.

e) The faculty is sensitized to maintain a respectable distance from students during class interactions.

f) Regular awareness programs are conducted for students to identify uncomfortable situations and report to the nearest available trusted adult as early as possible.

g) There are lady support staff deployed in all wash rooms.
h) CCTV cameras have been installed in certain areas in the school premises.

All security, support staff, admin staff and the teaching faculty have been briefed to exercise vigilance at all time and report the presence of any unauthorized person or movement to the concerned authority. Also, concerns of any student against misbehavior by anyone will be dealt seriously.

Movement of students is always supervised and security has been deployed at all strategic points to ensure the safety of students.

We want to allay your fear and elicit your support and faith at such a delicate time, to strengthen our resolve in keeping GIS ‘ a home away from home’ for all our students. We also request parents to sensitize your wards too in this respect.


Madhu Narayan

Gopalan International School


School closed on 31st july

Due to the call for bangalore bandh GIS will remain closed on 31st july 2014. All events scheduled for 31st will be rescheduled and you will be posted accordingly. Any unit test scheduled for 31st will be held on 1st August 2014.
Thanks and regards ,

Walkathon by GIS students

Dear Parents,
Gopalan Foundation is organizing a short walkathon to increase awareness amongst the citizens of Bangalore on crimes against women and children on 26th july. Teachers and students of both GIS and GNS will be participating.
Grade VI and VII students will be picked in the morning at the usual time and the buses will start for home at 12.30pm.
Students must be in their uniform and id card is a must. They may also bring their water bottles. Snacks will be provided.
Kindly cooperate by encouraging your ward to take part in this event which is for a noble cause and to increase their sensitivity.

Madhu Narayan

Asset Workshop

Dear Parents,

We are glad to inform you that GIS has taken the initiative to make ASSET compulsory for all children from class III to VII, from this year. It offers an excellent opportunity for our children to set a bench mark nationwide and to realize their own potential. Asset is also tied with the Duke University. U.S.A, one of the most prestigious universities of the world and offers scholarships and summer program for their ACC performers. Hence we would like to invite all the parents of students of class III to VII on 26th July 2014 at the school auditorium to attend a workshop on ASSET and its programmes. This will give you a 3600 idea about this competitive test and a guideline for training our children to attain the highest level in this exam. Timing for the session will be 10:00 to 11:00 am.


Madhu Narayan