Reminder for PTM

Dear Parents

The report cards will be e – mailed to you during this week. Also, kindly remember that the Parent Teacher Meeting will be held on 5th April 2014 between 9:00 am to 12.30 pm. Details regarding issue of books and uniform can be viewed in the post below.


Summer Camp 2014

Dear Parents,

Gopalan International School is happy to announce SUMMER CAMP 2014!!!

The proposed camp encompasses two formats: 1) Combined Camp

2) Individual events.

1)   Combined Camp :

Dates: 7th April to 16th May 2014        Time: 9 am to 12.30 pm, 5 days a week (Monday to Friday)

Activities: 5 years and above.

1)   Taekwondo -  by Wahenbam Rajeshwor Meitei (5th dan black belt and International Referee and medalist)

2)   Swimming – by Mr. Mubarak (14 + years experienced national level coach and medalist)

3)   Yoga – by  Ms. Ambika (international and national gold  medalist teacher)

4)   Sports Fitness Session (free) – by Pradeep Pillay (Sports Scientist and Registry of Exercise Professionals (REPS), Europe, Level 3 Instructor).

Fee: Rs. 4000/- per child inclusive of transport.

* Transport to be provided within a radius of 8 kms around the school.

****Special program for health conscious parents and friends: Health Specific Fitness Program, conducted by Mr. Pradeep Pillay.******

Duration: 15 days, 7 am- 8 am, (Mon- Fri), Fee: Rs. 1000/head.

2) Individual Events:   (No transport facility)

a) Music: 7th April to 26th April, Duration: 1 hour – 5 days a week. (Mon to Fri)

fee: Rs.6250/-

b) Yoga:  7th April to 16th May, Duration: 1 hour- 3 days a week. Fee:

Rs. 2000/-

c) Swimming: 1st April to 16th May, Duration: 1 hr/session- 21 sessions. Fee:

Rs. 3000/-

d) Table Tennis: variable rates.

e) Badminton: variable rates.

f)  Lawn    Tennis: variable rates.


For Further details please contact Pradeep Pillay: 9591533309.



Madhu Narayan.

Important updates for the month of March

GIS/Cir/Principal/026/13-14                                                                                                                                                                        17th March, 2014

Dear parent,

  1. Kindly note that 18th to 28th March will be full working days for Std I – IX due to ICSE inspection.  We would expect all children to be present in neat school uniforms according to regular schedule.
  2. We are happy to invite you for our forth coming    “Musical Nite – Heart to Heart Edition-II”       on Friday 21st March between 6 and 8 pm.  You may please view the e-invite on our school’s newsletter and facebook page
  3. In this connection, please note:-21st March – morning will be a non- working day. We will not be having regular classes as we have Musical Nite in the evening.  Pre Primary students and non participants may join us with their parents in the evening for the show.    However, participants are expected to be in school by 4.00pm for which buses will ply.  Parents are requested to kindly make their own arrangements for picking up their child after the show.  Participants need to carry snacks and water.
  4. Preprimary :
  •  Water play activity which was scheduled for March 21st is moved to March 28th.
  • Class photograph sent.


Mrs. Madhu Narayan


Updated Lunch and Breakfast Menu for March 2014

3/3/2014 Poori/Channa/ Fruit Jeera Rice/ Dal Vada / Raita / Fruit
4/3/2014 Idly / Sambar / Fruit Veg Sandwich/Tomato Rice/ Tomato Soup/ Fruit Salad
5/3/2014 Jeera Rice/ Tomato Chutney / Fruit Half Days
6/3/2014 Pav Baji/Fruit
7/3/2014 Veg Khicdi / Pokada / Chutney/ Fruit
10/3/2014 Chapati / Aloo curry / Fruit
11/3/2014 Carrot dosa / chutney/ Fruit
12/3/2014 Cheese Sandwich/ Fruit Custard
13/3/2014 Alu Poha/Fryums/ Fruit
14/3/2014  Kesari Bath / Cutlet/ Fruit
17/3/2014 Veg Upma / Dal Vada /  Chutney/ Fruit
18/3/2014 Idly / Vada / Sambar/ Chutney/ Fruit Roti/ Aloo Capsicum Dry/ Dal Tadka/ Rice/ Curd/ Fruit
19/3/2014 Veg Sandwich/Tomato Soup/ Fruit Veg Pulao / Boondi Raita/ Rice/ Rajma/ Curd/ Fruit
20/3/2014 Chapati / Panneer Curry / Fruit Roti/Channa/Ghee Rice/ Tomato Chutney/ Fruit
21/3/2014 Veg Noodles with tofu / Sauce / Banana Musical Nite
24/3/2014 Aloo Paratha/ Boondi Raita / Fruit Poori / Panneer Matar Gravy / Curd Rice / Fruit Salad
25/3/2014 Veg Dosa / Tomato Chutney / Banana Roti / Mixed veg curry / rice / Curd / Fruit
26/3/2014 Butter Sandwich / Mixed Fruit Salad Veg Dosa / Tomato Chutney / Lemon Rice / Curd / Fruit
27/3/2014 Veg Pulao / French Fries / Raita /Fruit Jeera Rice / Veg Khurma / Roti / Papad / Curd / Fruit
28/3/2014 Poori / Mix Veg Kurma / Fruit Idly / Vada / Sambar / Rice / Papad Curd / Fruit