Updates for October

Dear Parents,

Kindly take a note of the following:

  1. School remains closed for Diwali from 22nd to 26th October.
  2. Cycle Tests / Unit Tests (III to VIII) and Examination (IX – X) will commence / start on 1st December, 2014.
  3. Students of IX and X will be attempting an 80 mark paper in all subjects. All portions done till the third week of November will be included.
  4. Std III – VIII syllabus for Cycle Tests/ Unit Tests will be uploaded by mid November.
  5. National Science Olympiad is scheduled for 25th November.
  6. Sports Day is scheduled for 22nd November

In an attempt to strengthen discipline amongst GIS students, it has been decided after deliberation, to levy a fine of Rs 50 on student defaulters. The fine would be imposed after 3 warnings or when action taken by the teacher doesn’t yield adherence to existing school rules.

Note: The amount received will be used for charitable purposes.




Update regarding “Asset – Question – A – Day”

Dear Parents,

Asset reaches out to students of Std III upwards at GIS. They have a question bank and send one question for the day for a particular class/subject. Hence, questions pertaining to all classes will be uploaded in the newsletter as and when we receive.

Please refrain from answering the questions on your child’s behalf and encourage your child to participate in this activity.


Kannada Competitions

GIS/Cir/Principal/14-15       /    20th September 2014

Dear Parents,

We will be conducting various Competitions for all Kannada Students of GIS from Std I-X in connection with ‘KARNATAKA RAJYOTHSAVA’ Celebrations. Details are given below.

  1. Hand Writing’ (Kannada) Competition…….. Std I – X .
  2. Shishu Geete’ competition (Kannada)……….Std I (time limit: 2 mins.)
  3. Kannada ‘Devotional Songs’ Competition………….Std II (time limit:2 mins)
  4. ‘Expansion of Proverbs’ – Competition ………… Std III & IV(time: 2 mins)

Topics for competition no.4

a)“Uppiginta ruchiyilla, taayiginta Bandhuvilla”


             b)   “Gidavaagi baggaddu, maravaadaaga baggeete”….?


             c)“Kai Kesaraadare baaymosaru”.      .


  1. Story telling Competition (Kannada) …… Std… V, VI & VII – (2 mins.)
  2. Speech Competition (Kannada) …… Std VIII, IX & X- (3 mins)

Topics for competition no.6

  1. Shaala college galalli neethi Shikshaana”. (moral education in schools & Colleges).


  1. “Namma naadu Karnataka”. (Karnataka – our beloved state).


  • All Prelims will be conducted in the respective Kannada classes from 10.2014.
  • Finals of all Competitions will be held on 3rd Nov 2014 in the auditorium.
  • Special Kannada assembly will be on 7th Nov 2014. Certificates will be given away for the Winners in the assembly.




PTM – Std V to X

Dear Parents,

We have completed our First Term successfully and have scheduled the PTM for grades V – X on 18th October, 2014 to discuss your ward’s academic progress. The report cards for Std V to VIII will be emailed to you between today and tomorrow.

You are requested to strictly adhere to the allotted time (provided in the circular sent today in your child’s diary) to ensure an effective PTM.