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Bus Routes 21.01.2017

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Fun Quiz for Parents of Pre Primary Dept

Dear Parents of Pre-primary,

18th February 2017 (Saturday)  is a happening day at GIS, wherein PP1 and PP2 finalists will take part in a battle of wits.

They are being trained by their teachers in all topics covered so far.

Let’s also participate in the Parents’ section of this Quiz contest comprising of

  • General Awareness/Fun questions/Brain teasers

No need to prepare !! Just a fun Quiz !!

Kindly enter your names in the Google sheet (link given below) to this circular to participate, on a first-come-first-served basis. The first twenty parents only get to participate in 5 teams of 4 participants each.

Registration Sheet


Ms. Madhu Narayan


Safer Internet Day – Poster Making Competition

Dear Parents,

Each year we celebrate ‘Safer Internet Day‘ at GIS. This year too, it is being celebrated all over the world on 7th February 2017, with the theme being  ‘Be the change: Unite for a better internet‘.

Once again we remind ourselves and our children about Cyber Safety and Digital citizenship through various activities during the second week of February.

A poster making competition on this theme will be conducted on 7th February during school hours for ALL students of Grade 5 to 9. The topics are:

  1. Stop Cyberbullying
  2. Being a good digital citizen
  3. Cyber Safety

Children need to bring one-fourth sized chart paper and any colours of their choice. They will be given 45 minutes to make their poster. Top 3 posters from each grade will be selected for prizes and will be judged on

  • Creativity
  • Content (Information)
  • Clarity

We have been discussing these issues with students during our daily interactions. We would like parents also to talk with their children on the above topics  and encourage them to participate in the competition.


Mrs.Madhu Narayan


Times NIE National Aptitude Challenge – Qualifiers

Congratulations to the City round Qualifiers of Times NIE National Aptitude Challenge. This round will be held on 22nd January. Please click below to find more information:



Updates for this Term

19th January 2017

Dear Parents,

Greetings for the New Year 2017!

Please note the following important dates for this term:

1.Final Examination for Grades V-IX and Fifth Cycle Test for Grade III & IV will be held from 15th to 31st March 2017. It will be half working days from 15th to 31st March 2017(8.00am to 12.15 pm) for classes I to IX. Time Table for the same will be uploaded later.

2.The last working day for Students PG I to Grade VIII will be Friday 31st March 2017.


3.Classes for Students of Grade IX will continue from Monday 3rd April 2017 to Thursday 13th April 2017.


4.Final Report Card will be uploaded and the PTM is scheduled as follows:-

1st April 2017(Saturday)-Preprimary section      Timing: – 8:30 am to 12 noon

3rd April 2017(Monday)-Grade I & II                     Timing: – 9 :00 am to 11:30 am

4th April 2017(Tuesday)-Grade III & IV                  Timing: – 9 :00 am to 11:30 am

7th April 2017(Friday)-Grade V- IX                          Timing: – 9 :00 am to 11:30 am


5.Orientation programme for parents of Grade I – 26th May 2017(Friday) at 9:00 am-10:30am.


6.Orientation programme for new admission parents 2017-18 will be on 27th May 2017(Saturday) at 9:00 am for PG I-Prep and 11:00 am for Grades I- VIII in the School auditorium.


7.Reopening day for students for the academic session 2017-18 are as follows :

 Grade VIII- X – 25th May 2017(Thursday) will be a full working day (8.00am to 2.30pm).Lunch will be provided   from 2nd June onwards.

PREP to Grade VII –1st June 2017(Thursday) (half working day –(8.00am to 12.15 pm).Breakfast will be  provided for Prep students.From 2nd June it will be a regular working day for Grade I onwards.

PG II –5th June(Monday) 8.00am to 10.00am for 2 days and 7th June onwards till 12:15pm. (School transport & breakfast will not be provided for these 2 days).

 Nursery –7th June(Wednesday) 8.00am -12.15pm (Breakfast & transport will be provided).

 PGIMonday 12th June 10.00 am to 11.00am (Breakfast will not be provided).

19th June onwards 10.00am to 12.00noon (Breakfast will be provided).

Parents to please note that Student ID Cards should be retained and used till new ID cards are issued                                 to them in June 2017.




Mrs.Madhu Narayan




Class test schedule -Std 1&2 from 23rd Jan to 27th Jan

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French Olympiad-National Level Examination

Finals for the Olympiad will be held on 6th Feb, Monday

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Class test schedule – std 1 & 2 from 16th to 20th Jan 2017

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Syllabus to be covered in January 2017

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Sports Information

Consider age-appropriate activities for your child,
Your child is likely to show natural preferences for certain sports or activities. Start there, keeping your child’s age, maturity and abilities in mind.

Ages 2 to 5: Toddlers and preschoolers should develop basic loco-motor skills for organized sports- walking, galloping, jumping, hopping, side-sliding, leaping and skipping.

Ages 6-9:Most children have the basic motor skills for simple organized sports. However, they may still lack the hand-eye coordination needed to perform complex motor skills and may not yet be ready to understand and remember concepts like teamwork. Sports -Running, Swimming, Skating, Taekwondo etc.

Ages:10-12: Are ready for more complex sports, they have the motor skills and cognitive ability to play sports that require complex motor skills, teamwork, and strategies.Most experts believe that sports at this level should focus on skill development Cricket,Soccer, Basket ball & many more.

Whatever sports your child participates in, ensure that he or she has a foundation of proper technique,movements & Nutritious food.

Times NIE Classmate Spell Bee Std 5th to 9th – Season 9 –12th January 2017

Dear Parents

Please note that the Spell Bee competition will be held in GIS on 12th January 2017 during school hours.

This competition will be a word spell test among all students from class 5th – 9th.

Please click below for further details.




Cycle test syllabus and timetable – Grade III & IV

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Unit Test 2 – Syllabus and Timetable

Please click below to download the syllabus and timetable for std 5 to 9:



Please click below to download the Mock Exam timetable for grade 10:


Syllabus for std X- Complete portions


Class test schedule- Std I-IV from 9th Jan to 13th Jan

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Bus Routes std 8 to 10 for 7th Jan

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Music Notes

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Dear parents,

Kindly note the dates for the extra music classes for the month of January 2017

Std 1&2

Saturday -7th & 21st Jan -11.00am -12pm

Std 3&4

Tuesday- 17th, 24th, 31st  Jan 7.00am to 8.00am



Madhu Narayan



Menu for January 2017

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Circular- Pre-Primary

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Circular -Std 1 to 10

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Pick-up timings for December 17th

Tomorrow’s pick up timings will be approximately plus five hours from regular pickup time. Bus routes remain the same. For accurate timings you may call the driver or track using northstar app.

No devices tomorrow

Please note that students are not supposed to bring any phones or devices tomorrow i.e. 17th December.  Not adhering to this rule will result in confiscation of the device. 

PTM for Grade III and IV

Dear Parents,
This is to inform you that the PTM for Grade III and IV is scheduled on Monday the 19th December 2016 between 9.00am and 11.30am. Parents are requested to kindly adhere to the timings.
Venue – School Auditorium.
Students will go back as usual by school bus at 2.30 pm.

Mrs.Madhu Narayan

GIS Annual Day (Std 5 to 10) and Carnival

Carnival is open to all parents from 3 pm onwards.

Parents of grade 5 to 10 are requested be seated in the amphitheater

latest  by 6.15 pm.

Student volunteers may be picked up from the stalls after the event.

Annual Day Std 5 to 10 Carnival

GIS Annual Day (Std 3 and 4) and Carnival

Parents are requested to be seated by 4.45 pm in the Amphitheater.

Carnival is open to all parents from 3 pm onwards.

gis_ann_day_2016_std3_4 Carnival

GIS Annual Day (Std 1 and 2) and Carnival

Parents are requested to be seated by 2.45 pm in the auditorium.

Annual Day Std 1 and 2 Carnival

Details of Field Trip-Std 9 & 10

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Tuesday Music Class Cancelled

Dear parents,

Kindly note that the morning extra music class for std 3&4 stands cancelled tomorrow as it’s a public holiday.



Eid Holiday on 13th

Dear Parents,

As per the sighting of moon, Government has declared the Eid holiday on 13th December, Tuesday. 

Hence the school will remain open on 12th December, Monday and will be closed on 13th December, Tuesday. 



Caution: Safety of kids while commuting to school

Dear Parents

There have been cases recently of attempted kidnapping near some schools. One such incident is reported in the post below.

You are advised to exercise caution while picking up / dropping kids to school.




“(7th Dec 2016) there was an attempt to abduct a child (near 2 schools) on the gear international school road. Someone came clad in burqa kind of dress and tried to pull the school going kid inside the dress  in a flash  when kid was walking to school beside the parent (in between the morning rush) . Once parent noticed and asked to leave the child,  he/she left the kid and disappeared in the crowd. That person also had a carry bag (possibly toffee or sedatives or even different dress and scissors /blades to cut hair in a minute to disguise the child ) Pls take care of ur dear ones while dropping and picking up from school”

Joie de vivre – Sports Day Pre-Primary


Extra Music Class

Dear parents,

Kindly note that the extra music class scheduled for the 10TH Dec 2016 WILL BE FROM 8:30 TO 9:30 AM  for STD 1 & 2


Madhu Narayan


Reminder for Carnival Gifts

Dear Parents,

This is further to our circular dated 18th November 2016.

A gentle reminder to parents to contribute some gift items (a minimum of 3 nos) for the carnival.Kindly limit the cost of the gift to Rs 40/-each. Please send these gifts to the school latest by 9th December 2016 in a  cover mentioning the name of the Student, Grade and Section.




Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that French Olympiad results are declared. Rank holders 1, 2 and 3, go to the national level.
The first three ranks in Entry level examination has been decided according to the following criteria:
1. 100 – 90% – I   Rank
2.   89 – 80% – II  Rank
3.   79 – 70% – III Rank
The students who have achieved the first three ranks may now participate in the “National Level Examination” on payment of Rs. 430/- 
The “National Level Examination” will be conducted online and the date will be intimated to you soon.
For more details please visit our website
Please download the results from the links below:

Class Test Schedule Std 1 to 4 Week Beginning 5th Dec

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Class Test Schedule Std 5 to 10 Week Beginning 5th Dec

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Extra Music Classes

Dear parents,

Kindly note that the extra music class scheduled for 3rd Dec 2016. stands cancelled due to the picnic for std 1 & 2  which is also on the same day.


Madhu Narayan


Menu December 2016

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Updates for December

29th November 2016

Dear Parents,

Kindly note the following schedule for December 2016:-

1. IMO is scheduled on Thursday the 1st December 2016.

2. Saturday 3rd December 2016 is a working Saturday for students of Grade VIII-X.

3. Field Trip for Grades I & II has been organized to the HAL Museum on Saturday the 3rd December 2016. Students will be picked from their respective stops as usual in the morning and buses will leave school by 12:30pm. Students should carry sufficient snacks, water bottle, ID cards and come in track pants and white shoes

4. Class photographs will be taken on Monday the 5th December 2016 .All students must  come in neat and clean school uniform(no track pants and white shoes),with hair trimmed or tied neatly(only black hair bands allowed).

5. Monday 12th December 2016 will be a holiday for the school on account of Id-Milad.

6. The PTM which was scheduled for Grade I-IV on 17th  December 2016 is now rescheduled as mentioned below:

Saturday 10th  December 2016-Grade I & II    Timing: 8:30am -11:30 am

Monday 19th December 2016-Grade III & IV     Timing: 8:30am -11:30 am

Kindly adhere to the time schedule given

Venue: School Auditorium

7.   Invitation for the forthcoming events will be uploaded shortly

16th December 2016-Preprimary Sports -PG I- PREP

17th December 2016 –Annual Day/Carnival -Grade I-X.

8. 19th and 20th December 2016 are regular working days for all students.20th December 2016 would be Christmas celebration/Class party. Attendance is compulsory for all students till 20th December. Please refer item 4 on page 15 in the diary. Fine will be imposed on defaulters.

Mrs.Madhu Narayan



Dear parents,

Kindly not the dates for the EXTRA MUSIC CLASSES for the month of December.


SATURDAY CLASSES-(STD 1 and 2 )-11:00 TO 12:00 – 3rd and 10th DECEMBER

Extra classes for the month of January 2017 will resume from the 17th of the month and the dates for the same will be uploaded on the 6th of Jan Requesting students who are attending these classes to please practice their music at home on a more regular basis to bring out the best of their talent in them.


Madhu Narayan


Math Adventure Story with GIS students – TV Telecast Details

Dear Parents,

The Math Adventure Story will be aired on Awaaz Entrepreneur, tomorrow (26th Nov) at 8.30 am and 7.30 pm and the repeat show on Sunday at 2.30 pm and 8.30 pm on CNBC Awaz. The show features Math Lab scenes shot with GIS students.

The program covers the philosophy and vision behind the Math Master Program being run by Math Adventures in GIS for students of grades 1 to 8.



In case of Bandh

Dear Parent,

            In case of Bharat Bundh on Monday,28th November 2016,all tests/exams/activities will be rescheduled and notified via newsletter. Parents are requested to check news updates for the final confirmation of Bundh.

Mrs.Madhu Narayan

Class Test Schedule (Std 1 and 2 , Std 5 to 10) Week Beginning 28th Nov

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(Kindly note that Std 3 and 4 will not have any class test due to ongoing Cycle Tests in next week)

Skating Classes at Gopalan Sports Center

Gopalan Sports Center is  starting skating classes from 1st Dec 2016.

Please find the details below:


National Science Olympiad

Dear Parents

Please be reminded that the NSO will be held during school hours tomorrow for the students who had enrolled for the same.

Thank You


Cycle Test Syllabus – Computer Science

Kindly note the Computer Science syllabus for Std 3 and 4:

Grade Subject Topics/Chapter
3 Computer                 Ch2. Input Devices
4 Computer Ch2. Hardware and Software

Cycle Test Std III – IV Syllabus and Timetable

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English Recitation-Finalists

Dear Parents,

Please click below for the names of students who have been shortlisted for the finals of the English recitation competition that is to be held on 25th   November 2016 in the school auditorium.

Time-9 am


Kindly note the details:

  •  Students should recite the poem with the title and actions.
  •  Students can make use of any props related to the topic.
  • The recitation should not exceed more than 2 minutes.
  • The criteria for judging are: clarity, pronunciation, timelimit, content,expression,voice modulation,confidence, presentation.
  • The decision of the judges will be final.


Mrs.Madhu Narayan


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Bus Route-19.11.16

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Class Test Schedule Grade 1 to 10 Week Beginning 21st November

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