Std 1 to 4 Inter-house instrumental competition 2015-16


Std 1 to 4 Inter house instrumental competition 2015-16

Std 1(keyboard)

Students can play any western song using notes or notes and chord

Std 2(keyboard, drums and guitar)

Students can play any western song using notes or notes and chord

Std 3 and 4(keyboard, drums and guitar)

Please note

  • Students can play any western song using notes and chord only (both hands)
  •  The selections for the same will happen from the 8th of Feb during the music period and selections will close on the 27th of Feb.
  • Finals will be held on the11th of March 2016


Appreciation Day Celebration

Dear Parents,

This is further to the circular sent on 12th Jan 2016 with reference to the Appreciation Day celebrations on 29th Feb 2016. We are hereby reminding you to kindly send your consent to deduct Rs.50/- from the student reserve fund on or before 10th February 2016.

Please note it is not mandatory.


Mrs.Madhu Narayan


Contribution for Appreciation Day

Dear Parents,

It is observed that a few parents are not happy with contributing for the Appreciation Day for support  Staff i.e., drivers, governesses and helpers. It is our sincere effort to inculcate good values of gratitude and sharing and this project helps students to do so. However,  we wish to reiterate that this contribution is not compulsory but only a kind and noble gesture. Hence, parents who do not wish to take part may kindly send a diary note to the class teacher so that the amount will not be deducted. A balance sheet of the Reserve Fund in your child’s name will be sent at the end of the academic year.


Madhu Narayan


Intel Tech Challenge 2016

Dear Parents
The Intel Tech Challenge Ideathon was held in GIS premises for students of grade 7 and 8. As a follow up of this workshop, students are encouraged to submit their innovative design ideas.  The best ideas will be shortlisted by Intel Engineers and the selected students will be invited to participate in Intel Makethon. They will be given a grant and tech support from Intel to implement their ideas. Please read below for more information and encourage your child to take part in this challenge:

Intel® Tech Challenge – It is a platform for young innovators like you to come and showcase your tech infused unique projects and show the world the future.

If you are interested in design, discovery, coding and tinkering with Microprocessor Boards and Sensors here is the chance to give wings to your creativity.

Sign Up and submit your Unique design based Idea by 30th January 2016 and you may get a chance to win a Technology Grant including a microprocessor board and sensors besides showcasing your idea at Intel Tech Challenge – India – a national level techfair in Delhi,

Click on the link below to know more about Intel Tech Challenge:
Link to submit project synopsis: