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Syllabus to be covered in Oct,Nov,Dec for std 3 and 4

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Music – Star of the Month

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Report Cards Std 5 to 10

Dear Parents,

Please be reminded that the PTM for Pre-primary students and students of grade V to X will be held tomorrow.

We have emailed the report cards of students belonging to grades V to VII. However, the report cards of following students could not be sent due to incorrect / unavailable parent’s email ID :

V A: Pavithra

V B: Jovina

V C: Harshavardhan

VII B: Nicole C

VII C: Meghna M

Parents of the above students are requested to submit their correct email IDs to the class teacher during tomorrow’s PTM.

Report cards of grades VIII to X will be handed over to the parents during the PTM. 



Class Test Schedule Std 1 to 10 Week Beginning 24th October

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Dear Parents,

Please note:

NCO for grade 2 to 8 will be conducted on 20th October as mentioned in the diary.

PTM for Grade V-X is scheduled on Saturday, 22nd October between 8:15 to 12:30 pm.

It will be first come first serve basis.

Your cooperation is requested.





Music – Circular

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Class Test Schedule -Std I-IV from 17th Oct to 21st Oct

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