Topic Sheets for July 2015

Dear Parents,

The topic sheets contain information about what your child has learnt in the month mentioned in the title of this post.

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July Topic Sheet PG 1

July Topic Sheet PG 2

July Topic Sheet Nur

July Topic Sheet Prep

Topic Sheets July 2015 Std 1 to 4

Topic Sheets July 2015 Std 5 to 7


Breakfast and Lunch Menu August 2015

3/8/2015 Poori / Aloo Mutter / Fruit Rice / Roti / Aloo-Mutter Gravy / Curd / Papad / Fruit
4/8/2015 Veg Upma / Chutney / Fruit Rice / Roti / Green gram Gravy / Beetroot Dry / Curd / Fruit
5/8/2015 Idli / Chutney / Sambar / Fruit Pulihogare / Roti / Palak Paneer / Fryums / Fruit
6/8/2015 Veg Fried Rice/ Tomato Soup / Fruit Rice / Roti / Dal Palak / Aloo-Capsicum Subji / Curd / Fruit
7/8/2015 Cheese Sandwich / Sauce / Fruit Salad Veg Sandwich / Tomato Rice / Raita / Fruit Salad
10/8/2015 Veg Kichidi / Pakoda / Curd / Fruit Veg Pulav / Roti / Aloo Raita / Fruit
11/8/2015 Chapati / Palak Panneer / Fruit Rice / Roti / Karamani Gravy / Beans-Carrot Dry / Curd / Fruit
12/8/2015 Jeera Rice / Apple Raita / Fryums Idli / Vada / Rice / Sambar / Curd / Fruit
13/8/2015  Kesaribath / Cutlet / Fruit Palak Parata / Curd Rice / Pickle / Raita / Fruit
14/8/2015 Tricolour Sandwich / Sauce / Veg Salad Methi Rice / Roti / Black Chana Gravy / Raita / Fruit
17/8/2015 Veg Noodles with Tofu / Gobi Manchurian  Rice / Roti / Veg Sambar / Aloo-Methi Dry / Curd / Fruit
18/8/2015 Carrot Dosa / Chutney / Orange Custard Rice / Roti / Rajma / Carrot-Beans Dry / Curd / Fruit
19/8/2015 Tomato-Cheese Pasta / Sauce / Fruit Salad Rice / Roti / Dal Thadka / Aloo-Palak Dry / Curd / Fruit
20/8/2015 Bread / Butter / Jam / Fruit Pav Bhaji / Jeera Rice / Mooli Raita / Fruit
21/8/2015 Palak Parata / Boondi Raita / Fruit Rice / Roti / Aloo-Mutter Gravy / Cabbage Dry / Curd / Fruit Salad
24/8/2015  Upma / Kesaribath / Fruit Rice / Roti / Pakoda-Dahi Kadi / Beans Dry / Curd / Fruit
25/8/2015 Set Dosa / Tomato Chutney / Fruit Peas Pulav / Roti / Kabuli Chana Gravy / Cucumber Raita / Fruit
26/8/2015 Pao Bhaji / Fruit Dosa / Chutney / Sambar / Coconut Rice / Fruit
27/8/2015 Poori / Chana Masala / Payasam Rice / Roti / Paneer-Mutter Gravy / Curd / Payasam
28/8/2015 HOLIDAY
31/8/2015 Chapati / Mix Veg Curry / Fruit  Rice/Roti/Drumstick Sambar /Palak-Moong dal Dry/Curd/Papad/Fruit


The Preliminary Round for the Inter House Recitation Competition for the Primary Wing was held on 27th July 2015, in the School Auditorium.

The students of STD I to IV recited poems written by different poets and simple home truths about the environment and life. They recited the poems very confidently and hearing them was a pleasure indeed.

Our esteemed judges for the events were

Ms. Swapna Bekal for Std III and IV

 Ms. Manjari Gautam for Std I and II

The judges appreciated the children for their confidence. The children were encouraged and reminded regarding their pronunciation and presentation which are the important skills in recitation.

Please click below to see the names of the children who have been shortlisted for the finals that is to be held on 30th July 2015, during school hours.

finals_recitation competition_30th july

Parents of the participants are cordially invited to attend the event. An Invitation will be sent through your child.

 Time :- 8.45 am                          Venue:- School Auditorium.

Tech-O-Holix 2015


Hi GISians! We are proud to host a one of its kind technology themed event “TECH-O-HOLIX” on September 11th. As part of this event  various inter-school competitions will be conducted, as listed below.

If you wish to take part in any of these competitions, please give your names to your class teachers along with the name of the competition by 29th July, Wednesday 9 am.

Selection rounds will be conducted on Thursday / Friday.


Contestants will design a creative and effective invite on the given theme using any one of the provided software. A repository of pictures will be provided.

Level: Std VI and below

No. of participants to be selected: 2

Software provided: MS-Word /  MS PAINT / MS- PowerPoint


Contestants will design a user friendly and relevant  website on the given theme using only HTML. A repository of pictures and a document containing required information will be provided for their use. No scripting language to be used.

Level: Std VII to X

No. of participants to be selected: 1

Software provided: Notepad, Firefox


Participants will write user friendly and efficient programs for the provided list of scenarios using QBasic, C++ or Java.

Level: Std VII to X

No. of participants to be selected: 1

Software provided: QBasic or Java

Don’t get ‘Scratch’ed!

Participants will build a creative and engrossing game using Scratch programming language. They will be given a theme to build upon. The game should be easy to use, with appropriate scoring.

Level: Std VII and above

No. of participants to be selected: 1

Meme Rising!

Contestants will create a humorous story-line with a message using the provided meme template collection.

Level: Std VII and below

No. of participants to be selected: 2

Software provided: MS- PowerPoint


“Get ready for a Technology themed Quiz!”

Selection round will be done with the help of a multiple choice questions based written quiz on Thursday 30th July 1st period.

Level: Std VIII to X

No. of participants to be selected – 4