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Friendly football match

A friendly soccer Match was played between GIS Male staff and Senior boys from classes 9th and 10th on August 15th, Independence day, post celebrations. It was 7- A Side format with duration of the match 10 min. Our Principal, Ms. Madhu Narayan tossed the coin to start the match. Students team won the toss and chose kick-off. It was a wonderful start by student’s team and Kushan Singh made the first goal against staff team in the first half. Student comperes Ryan Champakara and Mukul Patnaik kept the audience captured with their commentary. The second half had exciting moments with our staff Mr.Vasant scoring two fantastic goals and winning the match. Both team players played the game with the true sportsmanship spirit and thoroughly enjoyed an overwhelmed Principal ma’am who was supporting the students team throughout, felicitated both students and staff with sweet laddoos.

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Curiouscity – Science

A day long science fair on “water works” was conducted by a team of scientists from the Curiouscity group on 14th August 2013 at Gopalan International School. All the students from 3rd to 10th standards participated in the workshop.

`Curiouscity’ aims to take children beyond the world of books, and let them experience the art of Science first-hand by working on simple experiments and concepts. The science fair appeared like a wonderful museum surrounded by experiments of all types .The workshop was very well organized and everything was streamlined. There were 5 zones in the fair.They named the zones as wet zone, dry zone, demo zone, video zone and poster zone. Similarly the children were divided into 5 groups. Students were given colored bands according to their group. Each group started with a different zone. After about half an hour, a bell was rung and children moved to the next zone. So all the children got enough time to get hands on experience with all the experiments in each zone.

In every zone, the children explore many topics from the physics of water. All children had fun-filled learning by observing, questioning and experimenting. The topics covered range from the properties of water (melting, boiling and freezing point), cohesion and capillary action, water weight and water pressure, water conductivity, non-newtonian fluids, Bernoulli’s principle and the coanda effect. Uses of water as fuel, causes and effects of tornados, whirlpools and tsunamis were explained to the children with simple experiments.

In the wet zone it was amazing to see kids (around 8 years), figuring out the Archimedes principle all on their own with the help of silver foil, a tub of water and marbles. The children had fun making all shapes of bubbles. They also enjoyed touching and feeling the mixture of cornstarch in water with their own hands and learning about the non-Newtonian fluids. The netted cup which was not letting the water fall out was magical.

The Dry zone was equally fascinating as the wet zone. In the dry zone children learned to make their own steam boats with simple materials we can easily find in our homes. Pressure cooking the thermocol cup to learn about the weight and pressure of water was very cool.

The video zone was very informative and gave them lot of knowledge on aquatic animals, animal distribution in the oceans and estuaries, effect of water pressure on animals and how life is possible deep under ocean.

The demo zone once again gave them ample opportunity to explore science facts just the way the scientists do. The children once again learned by observing and experimenting themselves. All the experiments were constructed using simple materials found around us .Many experiments like the ping pong ball getting attracted to water, the tornado in a soda bottle, increase in size of scale in the water, paper chromatography –different colors in water travelled in different speeds and formed displays similar to a rainbow etc. forced them to think outside the box. The children had fun making the ice bracelets and using the measuring scale to balance flour with water in bottles.

The last zone, the poster zone was equally exciting. Questionnaires were handed over to the children. They had to read the posters and answer the amazing questions. Each zone equally excited the children and developed curiosity and interest in children about Water. In the end there was a question and answer session. Children asked lot of questions and Dr.Shonali (Ph.D in marine ecology) and Dr.Sukanya(physics) answered and satisfied them.

The aim to initiate interest and curiosity in children about science was fulfilled by this amazing science fair. The children were convinced of this fact overnight, that everyone can be a scientist.

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Independence Day

Gopalan International School celebrated India’s 67th Independence Day with great patriotic fervour. Principals of both school and college graced the occasion. All staff and students from class III upwards attended the function in tri-coloured clothes. Followed by the March past by the security personnel Principal Ms.Madhu Narayan hoisted the national flag. Ms. Madhu Narayan read out a thought provoking piece filling up the atmosphere with zeal to express the feeling of secularism in its true essence.

 The special Assembly organized by the students of Std 6 showcased ‘Pages of history’ in which some of the major events of the Indian Freedom Struggle were enacted. Scenes such as Jallianwala Bagh massacre and the lathi charge on the protestors against Simon Commission brought alive the sacrifices and the spirit of our Freedom Fighters. In the end, there was a foot tapping dance to portray the wave of joy that had enveloped the Indians on 15th August 1947. The dance was very beautifully choreographed by the Std 6 girls themselves. The accompanying PPT and videos were managed very efficiently by Advaith Venugopal and Pratosh Kumar of std VI.

The celebration also included a speech in Kannada and the recitation of Tagore’s ‘Where the mind is without fear’ by students. The students of Std 4 presented a very informative item on the History of our national Flag

Students were also shown the video of ‘The silent National anthem’ which made everyone present there to reflect deeply. To conclude the day on a happy note,  a friendly soccer match was played between senior boys and male staff at GIS.

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Fire Drill

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By Dhanushree


There was a fire drill demonstration in the school ground arranged by the fire-brigade. One of the fire-brigade staff lit a fire on a heap of paper. Many students got the chance to extinguish the fire with the help of a fire extinguisher. They burnt more and more paper but at the end the fire was extinguished. It was fun and informative to watch the demonstration.   It is very important for each one of us to help those in need and save ourselves when there is an emergency. Therefore, this demonstration was very helpful to us.

Interschool Football at Inventure academy

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On 9th January, 16 of our students were shortlisted and taken to Inventure Academy for the under-11 Interschool Football tournament. Our students took part in the walk past of the opening ceremony. Arjuna Awardee  Ashwini Nachappa and  Davis Cup coach for India Zeeshan Ali  were the  Chief Guests at the opening ceremony . Our boys team played against Headstart school in the pre quarters and girls team played against TISB.  Neville sir took the initiative in training and selection of students for the event. Though our teams could not make it to the finals, it was indeed a good exposure and experience for our students.

Football Club

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Students from classes IV to VIII  who had opted to join the football club at the beginning of the session got their moment of glory on Tuesday , 18th December to showcase their skills and talent.

The players were placed into 4 teams, Ronaldo, Messi , Sunil Chhatri and Baichung Bhutia. Team Ronaldo captained by Shreyans took on team Messi which was lead by Felix Champakara in the Senior finals. Both teams matched each other in areas such as skill, spirit and team work. Being a 6 A-side match the pace of the game was fast and this kept the Messi goal keeper Jeffrey Johnson on his toes. He blocked, dive  and   kept the long range shots as the goal by the team Ronaldo forward line, Shubham and Manish.

The match was finally decided on a penalty shoot out which saw team Messi overpower team Ronaldo with the score line reading 3-1. The goals scored by Felix, Lochan, and Shravan for the Messi team .. Manish scored the lone goal for his team Ronaldo.

In the next match we had Team Baichung Bhutia captained by Gurusharan take on team team Sunil Chhattri . each team had 5 boys and 2 girls and the game was played with the players giving their best. This match too saw the game decided via a penalty shoot out. During the regular playing the forward    line   of Eshika , Vaibhav and Nitin who combined well but failed to get the ball past  the Baichung Bhutia team goal keeper Aditya.   Kavya and Karthik Pounraj tried hard to score but goal keeper Mahit of team Sunil Chhattri was in a formidable form. Captain Vaibhav scored the winning goal during the penalty shoot out.

The names of two top international playe3rs and two top national players were given for each team to spread awareness amongst all kids who were in the football club. Players such as Bhutia and Chhethri have put Indian football on the map. During the sports club Mr. Neville and Mr. Vasanth handle  the football proceedings .

The most outstanding players from this Club Football League were Eshika Nair , Aryan Kota , Jeffrey Johnson , Kavya Suresh, Shubham and Chayan to name a few …



Class Activity on Trigonometry – Std IX and X

The students of IX and X performed an activity on the topic ’Heights and Distances’. Using a ‘Clinometer’, students found  the  height of a pole. The method of making the instrument was demonstrated in the class. Students understood the application of trigonometry and enjoyed the experience.

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