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Ritika P. Nair


Today was a pretty exciting day for Maia. It was the day she was waiting for, a day to spend the whole Christmas vacation with her parents. Usually for a rich thirteen year old like Maia, vacations out of town or anywhere else wouldn’t be that great, because they were common. But Maia’s case was different. This was because her parents were so busy and occupied with their work that they hardly had any time to spend with their two daughters. They were out of the house for most of the day and returned only after eight in the night. But even after they come back, they are busy in their rooms with their phones.

Well, one day, Maia was so pissed out about the absence of their love, care and attention that she straight forwardly told her parents about this, which made them book four tickets on a tour to Brazil in South America. Maia was so pleased with her work that she jumped a foot high, hugged her parents and went to pass the good news to her little sister, Meera, who felt the same. Maia was ‘now’ in her room packing for her trip tomorrow, when Meera suddenly runs in the room, looking sad and upset.

“What’s the matter?” Maia asks still packing the last of her clothes.

“We are not going for the trip with our parents but with our grandparents!” Meera replied sadly.


Maia was huddled in the seat, in the flying plane with tears in her eyes thinking about what all had happened later during that day. After what Meera had told Maia, she felt as if she had been stabbed right in the heart. She had a huge argument with her parents, who seemed so less bothered about the trip. And this they said was because of a ‘meeting’ they ‘have to attend’. Her grandparents had arrived by the next afternoon, as they lived in the next town nearby. It’s not that she didn’t like her grandparents. Actually, she loves them, and she loved them more than her parents after the incident, which Maia thought was horrible. She felt a hand on her shoulder, because of which she snapped out of her unpleasant thoughts. She looked at the hand and realized it was her Grandma’s. Maia looked at her Grandma’s gentle face which gave her a smile. She didn’t know why but somehow Maia felt a lot better with that smile. She smiled back and looked out of the small window of the plane, to see beautiful white clouds.

All of a sudden the plane just tilts to one side and the cabinets on the opposite side, in which the luggage bags are kept, all open, letting the bags fall to the ground. A few people scream and then there’s a voice that is heard.

“This is Pilot Wilson here, the pilot of the plane as you all can guess by my name. We have an emergency situation, but do not panic. One of the engines have stopped working, due to some technical issues, so we would like you all to unbuckle your seatbelts and take the parachutes that are kept under your seats. After taking them, you will have to move towards the emergency exit doors at front or back of the plane according to your convenience. The airhostesses near the doors will provide you with further information. Thank you.” And the voice is gone.

Maia looks at her Granny who is looking back at her with a confused look. Both of them together look behind their seats to find confused Meera and Grandpa looking at them too. Without wasting any time, they quickly unbuckled their seatbelts, took their parachutes and moved towards the emergency exit doors. As they neared the door they saw that they were one of the first people to reach the door because their seats were towards the back and also saw two airhostesses helping the people wear the parachutes. As time ticked, it was finally their turns. Granny and Grandpa urged Meera to go first as she was the youngest. She wore the parachute, hugged the three of them and jumped with a scream. Then Maia was urged to go on. She wore the parachute with ease and hugged her grandparents. She felt a little nervous as she had never done anything like it before. She gathered her courage and jumped.

She felt the strong movement of air around her. As she was in the air, she looked back to see if her grandparents were following, but all she saw was the plane exploding into a million pieces, with her grandparents. There was a huge deathly blow that followed after the explosion which knocked Maia unconscious.


When Maia opened her eyes, she saw a number of familiar and curious faces looking down at her. A boy who was her age, in the group helped her get up. He was tall and had black hair just like Maia. His eyes were blue unlike Maia’s, which were light brown and was a lot paler than Maia.

“Hey are you alright?”The boy asked.

“Yeah…I am fine.”Maia said ignoring a sharp stab of pain on her left elbow.

“I am Sunny. Sunny Acosta. What about you?”The boy enquired.

“Maia Dawn” Maia said looking around at the people who were now dispersing from around her and at the huge, tall, evergreen trees, giving her a hint that she is in a jungle.

By now the group of people were all in a group at a corner of the clearing in which Maia was standing.

“Where-“Maia was about to start when she realizes that Meera is still alive like her.

“Hey Sunny!” Maia calls out to Sunny who was walking towards the group of people.

“What?” he says turning around.

“Have you seen my younger sister? She looks just like me but is shorter and a little darker than me.” Maia says.

“Nope. I haven’t seen her. And anyway it isn’t possible.” Sunny says coming towards Maia.

“Why not?” Maia says a little bit confused.

“Because we are the only kids who survived.” He says as if to show that he was happy that he did not die.

“But I saw her jump of the-“ Maia couldn’t finish because a tall muscular man interrupts her and says “What are you doing here Sunny? You should be up there with me helping me get ready to move out of this place before night falls.” He stops when he sees Maia. “And who are you young lady? And what are you doing by delaying our trip.”

“I am Maia Dawn. And it is my sister that I am looking for. Have you seen her?” Maia says politely.

The man looks at Sunny and says “Haven’t you told her about it Sunny?!”

“Yes of course Dad, but she doesn’t believe me. Says that she saw her jump-“ Sunny says but is again interrupted by his father who says “Listen girl-“

“Maia” Maia says making it clear to the man that he is supposed to call her Maia. Only Maia.

“Listen Maia, you very well know that we experienced a blow which killed many people including my wife. Now we are in the middle of the Amazon Forest, struggling to find a way out of this hell.”

“But I asked about-“ Maia started but was cut in by Sunny’s father who says “Your sister might or might not have jumped of the plane, all I know is that she did not survive. End of conversation.”

The man after saying all this dragged Sunny away to the group of people who were discussing something. Maia was really annoyed by this man and did not like him at all. But she was curious to know what they all were speaking, so went towards the group of people. In the group she saw a total number of nine people including Sunny and his dad. In that group she saw a few new faces. She saw an old lady with a red classic tabby Manx (cat), a beautiful lady with her handsome husband, an old man with a hat, a fat middle-aged woman with pink curly hair, a dark bald man with an eagle and a dark faced lady who looked like the man’s sister. At first Maia was puzzled by the animals with the old lady and the bald man and remembered how animals were not allowed in flights. That is when it came to her mind. She was in a jungle filled with animals. So they must have befriended the animals here. But the cat? Anyhow she completely forgot about it as she was engrossed in their conversation,

“I don’t think it is safe to roam around the jungle. I mean, who knows if there are any dangerous animals lurking in the jungle around us!” said the fat woman with pink curly hair who was called as Octavia.

“Yes, I agree with that. Maybe, we could wait for some time here, till we receive a signal on our phones.” The beautiful lady who seemed to be known as Pearl, suggests.

“But it is getting dark and perhaps there can be animals that are headed our way. And I don’t think anything will penetrate through the thick canopy of trees. We have to go on with our trip in finding our way out. We cannot waste time.” Sunny’s dad said who was known as Alexon.

”Okay then let’s move on with our trip. Let’s get those children and get moving” the old man with the hat said who was named Johnny.

Alexon turned around to find Maia right beside him. He gave a cold stare and walked away knowing that Maia had heard everything. She saw all the people including Sunny following Alexon. Maia ran towards Sunny and asked “So they are not going to help me find my sister?”

“No. And basically you should understand that she is no more. Or you can say dead” Sunny said a little annoyed.

“Okay fine and we are going somewhere, right?” She asked noticing that she was following Sunny, who in turn was following the people moving through a path of only undergrowth.

“Yes! Weren’t you listening? We are finding a way out of here.” Sunny said.

Maia nodded knowing that it is impossible to find a way out of this mess.


Two days had passed after the explosion and the people still had not found a way out the forest but got themselves even deeper into the jungle. On the third day, Maia woke up to find everyone getting ready to go somewhere. She was a little angry at Alexon or anyone for not waking her up. She quickly got up and saw a big leaf with some cookies on it and a coconut shell with water in it. She picked up one biscuit, drank a little water and went up to the group busy planning out the things for the day. She was just looking around when she saw a beautiful blue butterfly, the size of a small bird fluttering near a bush with flowers. She was hypnotized by its beauty and was made to follow it. She reached a small plant where the butterfly was resting. She was just about to reach for it, when she heard a crack beneath her leg. She looked down to find herself falling down a never-ending grey tunnel with tree roots and branches sticking out from all sides. And then a huge branch fell on her head, engulfing Maia into darkness.


Maia opened her eyes to find herself in a small light brown tent. She felt something damp on her on her forehead. She touched it to see something green and gooey. She jerked herself upright and found her staring into something she couldn’t believe she was actually seeing. A unicorn.

It was a beautiful creature. It had beautiful white skin and had a long pink mane. It looked at Maia and smiled in a gentle and kind way. And then it spoke! “Hello Maia, welcome to the land of Zefaria, the land of the unicorns.” Maia was stunned. She just stared. “Oh! I am sorry to startle you like that. I am Mirabella. And I have the power to read others minds. That’s how I know your name.” Mirabella said. Maia just stared. “We found you lying unconscious at the mouth of the tunnel through which you fell.” Mirabella continued “We think you as a visitor and we grant a visitor one wish. Only one wish. What would yours be?” That is when Maia actually spoke “Am I dreaming?”

“No you are not.” Mirabella replied patiently.

“Then if it is real, how come nobody ever discovered this place before?” Maia enquired.

“This place is completely underground and like I said, we have visitors. Visitors mean humans. Many humans have wished for many things, like riches, immortality, and many other things. But you have to choose wisely, because you get only one wish. And what would that be, Maia?” Mirabella said.

“I really want to go back home with Meera and want my grandparents back as if nothing had happened, but I don’t want those innocent people who are still roaming around in the jungle to die!” Maia said confused.

“Listen Maia, do what you think is right and would make you feel happy about it. I know it can be a little difficult for you but maybe-“  Mirabella was cut in by Maia “Would I be here forever if I…” Maia trailed off but Mirabella knew what and nodded her head.

“I know what to wish for Mirabella.” Maia said confidently.

“Go on.” Mirabella urged.

“I want those people, roaming in the forest to find their way back home safely and lead a happy and long life.” Maia wished.

This made the unicorn smile.

The Journey Back Home


Rachel Pazhoor

Class IV B

I opened my eyes. I was sitting in a chair in the middle of a graveyard at midnight. I wanted to get off and wander around to see where I was but each time I tried I could not get up. I was stuck to the chair. I did not know what to do. I waited and waited. I sat their hoping someone or something could come to take me back home or at least to tell me where I was. That’s when I heard some noises. I was happy. Then the noise stopped. I thought my mind was playing tricks on me until the sounds came back a minute later. This time I felt like jumping out of my chair and running to whoever was there, but at the same time I couldn’t (because I was stuck to the chair). I felt very happy for I knew someone was coming to get me. All of a sudden a light shined on to the graveyard gate and it opened. Everything else was dark. I saw these people walking along the border of the graveyard. They were whispering to themselves saying something like ‘aaaaaaaaaa.’ As these people came closer into the light. I noticed their arms were stretched right in front of them. I felt as if something fishy was going on. So I kept all the characteristics of these people together in my mind and I figured out these people are zombies. As I said before someone was coming to get me, I was right but in this case they’re coming to kill me. I shut off my thinking mode and looked straight ahead ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!’ I screamed. The zombies just had to take five more steps before they could reach me. The good thing was that zombies walk slowly. But they were about to kill me!!!!!!! ‘HELP!!!!!!!!!!’ ‘HELP ME!!!!!!!!!’ I screamed. Then all of a sudden time froze, but I was not frozen. Then vines rose up out of the ground and pulled me and my chair down into a portal. While I was in the portal time started back again. I was in the portal for about five minutes. Back at the graveyard the zombies did not know where I was. They searched and searched. Then they saw a black thing on the ground, but it was not the portal it was a lid covering the portal. The zombies tried with all their might to get it opened. Finally they did, but instead of the opening to the portal, harmful gases came out. The zombies breathed in this gas and fainted.But I did not know that this had happened because I was in some different place. When I was pushed out of the portal I looked around and saw I was in a whole new world. There was mist all around me, a sweet whistle filled the air. I walked around to find a place to rest. That’s when I thought I heard the zombies coming after me. I ran as fast as I could. I felt as fast as a cheetah. Then I stopped and started huffing and puffing. I looked around and listened to the whistle in the air. It sounded like the zombies,that means I ran away from nothing. Now I was far away from the portal. I would be happy if I was near the portal because something weird could happen and the portal would take me home, but no I was far away from the portal and the thing I could do is find a way out of this place. I walked for miles and miles. Anyways I walked around for some time until I felt sleepy. I lay down and I started turning upside down. That’s when I realized there was no ground, and I was floating. I was really sleepy so I lay down again trying to balance out my weight. When I did this I felt a bit comfortable. It was very hard to sleep. For about 25 minutes I laid there. Finally when I was about to fall asleep a big gush of wind blew. Then a paper flew right into my face. I got up and read it. It said ‘ BEWARE, BEWARE. After time started back in the portal the zombies searched for you. After the portal sucked you in it was closed by a lid. The zombies found the lid and opened it. Harmful gases came out and they fainted. But BEWARE danger lurks ahead.’ Then the paper flew away. I pinched myself to check if it was a dream. Eventually, it was. I woke up and saw nothing was there. So I went back to my lying down position. After few minutes I heard the sound of the zombies again. I started shouting. I said ‘GO away wind! GO away! There are no zombies and I should not run away!’ As I said this I opened my eyes. In the mist I thought I saw a pair of legs. I jumped up so fast that I almost fell down again (while floating). The mist cleared out. I almost fainted. The zombies followed me from the graveyard. Only thing this time they had big knifes and spheres to kill me. I didn’t know what to do. I was about to run away until someone or something came next to me and fought those zombies. He or she killed them all. Then the person said ‘The parts of the zombies will join back together. We must hurry before they find us. Don’t worry zombies can’t live in places with no ground, they’ll obviously die.’ I got to know the person was a teenage girl because of her voice. She whistled and a horse came galloping towards us. We both got on. The horse took us to a small house. When I got off I realized I was on hard ground. Then the girl told me that this was the only part of the land which has firm ground. We went inside. ‘This is where I live. My name is Naga.’ said the girl. Then Naga took me to a secret room. ‘You can stay here with me as long as you need but whenever you need to leave you must come here and jump on that.’ she said pointing at a trampoline like thing. ‘You will rebound  and go…….’ she said. ‘Where?’ I asked. Naga mumbled something and walked away. She gave me some food. After eating I observed the house. Finally it was time for bed. I went to bed and slept.Days passed by and I was still in the house. It was a sweet, normal day, but it passed by so quickly. After I had dinner I went to bed. In the middle of the night I heard some strange noises so I went to Naga’s room but she wasn’t there. I thought she was in the bathroom so I waited. Then the noise got louder so I went to check what it was. The noise was coming from the basement. When I went to the basement I saw Naga. I was going to scream out her name but then she was turning into a big monster. As a monster she started destroying everything in her path. When I saw her I gasped. She heard my gasp and turned. She ran and started chasing me. I ran as fast as I could into the secret room. I quickly jumped on the trampoline. I couldn’t see anything. After five minutes I noticed I was on the moon. All of a sudden a flying computer thing came to me and asked me where I would like to go. My answer was HOME. So the computer said close your eyes count to ten and then open your eyes. Then the computer flew away. I did what the computer said. When I opened my eyes I was standing on the street in front of my house. I was overjoyed. I ran into my house and looked around. No one was home. Then I went to the living room the TV was on and plastic non- living statues were sitting there. This was not my home. I ran outside and looked around. No one was to be found. All of a sudden the ground started shaking. I thought there was an earthquake but instead a bunch of monsters came charging at me. They came and pounced on me. I tried to defend myself but there were to many. The monsters started scratching me like crazy. The monsters claws were as sharp as glass. I couldn’t stand all of this. Finally I fainted. When I woke up I was lying down on my couch with bandages all over me. My mother was sitting next to me. I asked her ‘Are you real?’ ‘Yes’ she replied. ‘What happened?’ I asked. ‘You had a bad dream and you were sleep walking.’ said my mother. ‘How am I all hurt?’ I asked. ‘I’m not exactly sure but I was sleeping and I heard a loud bang. I ran down stairs and I saw the glass cabinet had crashed down on you. There were glass pieces on the floor and some were in your hand and arm scraping you. We called the doctor and did everything possible.’ said my mother. ‘So it was all a dream.’ I said softly. Then mother said ‘Anyways come on your just in time for lunch!’


Journey to US


Deepthi Narayyanan


I was excited all over…! Why..? Because I was going to US for the first time in my life..! We were going to be there for nearly 4 weeks…! I just could not wait for the day…!

Then, one final day, we were leaving to US…! We reached the airport after a long drive. Before boarding the plane my dad had to do those boring jobs like checking in. Airport was not very interesting…at least there were some games to entertain me in the airport.

After 3 hours, it was finally time to board the plane. As I did not know that there was a TV for all the people including me, I was very excited to see it. I quickly found a way to operate it. It had movie options, it also had options to view what’s below the airplane , what is in the front of the plane and channel to show the flying path. I was watching TV till I was hungry. Then they served us food. I was excited try it. But, when I tasted the food, it was so yucky that I almost threw up…! The paneer (food item made of milk) looked like it was thousand years old. Somehow I managed to eat a very teeny – tiny bit

After 3 hrs of travel ,we landed in Dubai. Dubai looked so beautiful with all that sand. Did you know that Duabi is a desert..? The airport was like a mall. We roamed around a bit and were tired after sometime. The worst part was that we had to wait to for 6 hours in the airport. My mom had weird ideas to make me sleep. One such idea was like …do u know those waiting chairs…they are attached to each other and have curvy handles.  My mom’s idea was to make me lie down through the handles to get a sleeping position. She was thinking she is making me comfortable…Isn’t that wired…?

After a long wait, we boarded a bigger plane. This one also had a TV…and had more options for movie viewing. I was watching TV till food was served. When I saw the food, I jumped so high that I hit the ceiling. But my mom told me to relax; she told me that they may serve pizza.  I hit the ceiling again, but this time not because I was scared, I love pizza a lot.

After finishing the food, I watched more TV and then slept. This thing happened again and again. It was like doing stuff in an airplane cycle. Finally the plane ride ended. We went outside the airport and found out my mom, my dad’s and my name on a placard which a person was holding.  It said, Welcome Deepthi, Karthiga, Narayanan and Happy Bday Narayanan.

Narayanan is my father. Karthiga is my mother…and Deepthi is…You know who…? And that’s ….me…! The person holding the car was our driver who was going to take us from Newyork to Pennsylvania. The driver led us to the car…and on the way he showed some big, comfy cars. So I thought, he also had big car. But When I came near to the car, it was a small old car. My dad mockingly said that we were going to travel in this for 4 hours…! I was so shocked that my mouth fell open…! But it felt like a very short trip.

Did you know why we came to US…? Well, we came to visit my aunt, uncle and my cousins. One of my cousins was graduating. Did you know my cousin sisters are extremely intelligent and the elder one finished college 4 years early and many collages in America were willing to give her a seat for higher studies? And the younger one, whenever you ask a question, it comes out in 2seconds max…!

Isn’t that super…! But no one has made me laugh more in my life except my cousins. They are extremely funny…!

So where was I…? Hmm… I was telling you that we reached my Aunt’s house. I saw my aunt waving at me. I was very happy indeed. And I am sure she was too..! The bad news was my elder cousin was not home and was in college and the younger one had gone to school (8th grade). We then had to go and pick her up. When I went there, I saw the most amazing thing of my life. My younger cousin had a phone…..! It was an iphone. She was only 12. When she got into the car, I caught myself staring at her. At first I did not know, why I was starring at her, but then I understood why…! Because she had an iphone. I asked my aunt, why she had bought my cousin an iphone at this young age. And my aunt told me that “she needs to call me to come and pick her up..!”.  Cool…! After one day, I started getting used to her. We both chatted for a long long time.

Did you know that my uncle is a doctor and my aunt is a beautiful artist…? I visited my uncle’s hospital with him and saw many many art stuff my aunt had done. She had big room in her basement for her art work…! We all made a 3D Volcano model for my cousin’s school project. It was so much fun…!

My aunt and uncle had a huge beautiful house…..They had a big piano – I leaned to play do-re-me, a nice home theater…where I saw Rapunzel movie, eating popcorn. Their guest room- the one we stayed, had a big bed…!

We went to a big toy store, and an art studio where all kinds of art things were there…..few malls……In one of the mall, we build a bear for each one of us and picked up some costumes for our bears….they packed the bear in a nice small card-board house.  And I had so much fun..!

I noticed something in the night I was not sleepy at all. But then I understood it was jetlag.

After few days, we went to Disney land…! It was so awesome..! There was a ride called Kalli River Rapid. It was such a nice ride and I enjoyed it so much…! And then we visited haunted mansion….it freaked me out…! We went for so many wonderful rides in the park….and the scariest  one was Mount Everest Roller Coster…..I was screaming  all the way through the ride….and even more, when it went backwards…! We stayed in a resort called Carribian beach resort and it had 4 pools….People over there kept on calling me either darling or angel.  I felt really good…! In the Animal Kingdom, we had a jungle safari and saw many animals…! I painted my face and took a photo holding Simba. Then we went Magical Kingdom, where I saw a beautiful palace and took many pictures.

Then, We travelled to Stanton for my cousin’s graduation. It was a beautiful town.  I enjoyed the graduation ceremony and liked the college and her room so much I also wanted to study there when I grow up…!

Then we travelled to Washington D.C. We visited many museums like the aerospace museum, the secret agents museum, etc., In Secret agent museum; we saw guns, James Bond’s car which had sleeping powder in the gears, machine guns inside the headlights and tail lights. We were also allowed to play a role of a detective via a series of inputs via headphones and videos. Secret gadgets like cameras, microphones, miniature pistols were all displayed.

The next day, we were on our way to New York where people call themselves New Yorkers. New York was a big and a busy city. It had lots of sky scraper buildings, cars and also tunnels under the river. This tunnel connects New York and New Jersey. It is called the Lincoln Tunnel.

We visited the following places in New York: Niagra Falls , Statue of Liberty,  The Empire state Building, Central Park, The Plaza Hotel, Yes…!The one we saw in Home Alone  movie…!

The Statue of Liberty is a 15 minutes drive on a ferry in middle of the river. It is a magnificent statue and had many visitors to it. I did get some momentos  as a remembrance for myself and my friends.

We also took lots of photos keeping funny faces…..! Even now, when I see them I laugh so much.

Niagra falls is in my opinion, the best part of our visit. We went very close to the falls in a ferry. We were given rain coats to wear so that our clothes do not get wet when we go close to the falls. It was a wonderful sight to watch the falls closely. The mist formed out of the falls reflected the colors of the rainbow due to the sunlight falling on it. I just could not take my eyes off the falls. I also have mementos from this place.

The Empire state building was the tallest building in New York City. We had to wait in a long queue to go to the top of the building. We went up to 82nd floor of the building and were able to watch the entire New York City from there. Wow…It was a wonderful site to see…!

We were finally ready to get back to India. I promised my aunt and uncle that I will come back again after few years. I was sad but also happy that I will finally be able to come home and eat Pani Puri in India J.

My Chithi now is calling me to Australia. ..!  I hope I can visit her too….! I have started saving for the trip.

The End






Aarushi Krishnan


Change, in any way, is hard.

Even a small change is different and often challenging. So imagine how I felt when my entire world was turned upside down.

One minute I was Wendy Jones, your average nobody. The next minute I was Wendy Jones, daughter of the president of the United States of America.

If you think being first kid is all glam and parties, you’re dead wrong. My school changed from a normal public school to a private tutor. I couldn’t go shopping with my friends or go out to a movie with my parents. What I ate suddenly became everybody’s favorite food, what I wore became the new fashion. People tried to be my friend not because of my personality, but because of my house.  Bodyguards were everywhere, from the kitchen to the study. I never had my privacy.

I was angry. Really angry. I mean, I didn’t do anything special. That was my entire dad. So why should my life become a public attraction? So I decided to do one of the things which came naturally. I rebelled.

It should have been simple. It was just me and my best friend Ruby. Out for a single movie. As usual, something had to go wrong.

We were walking back home from the theater when a group of people, all dressed in black emerged from the shadows. They reminded me of Ninjas in movies, which I used to watch with my dad, back when I could actually see him for more than a second each day…wait. Going off topic a bit.

So anyways, these people circle around us, but instead of getting scared, I felt angry. I was the first kid. No one can do anything to me!

‘Do you know who I am?’ I demanded. A man was wearing a mask, stepped forward. ‘Why of cause dear,’ he said. ‘You’re our big bundle of money.’ He put a cloth on my face, and the world went black.

I woke up tied to a chair, hand tied behind my back, and a person looking into my face. ‘I thought you were dead. ‘Ruby said, obviously relieved. Huh.Leave it to her to be practical.

The man with the mask came in, holding my cell phone and gloating. How did he find my cell phone? He was completely wearing black, from his mask to his sneakers. His accent and his body frame reminded me of someone else, but I couldn’t remember who.

‘I see our little princess is up.’ He said.’ Good, now you can get ready for the plane. After your big shot father sends in the money, we’re setting of for Brazil. No one can find you there. But look on the bright side. You have your best buddy with you, plus you can serve the smartest, bravest and most handsome man on Earth-me! ‘

While he was giving his amazingly boring and self praising speech, I was thinking. When we just moved into the White house, a detective had come to our house to teach us how to take care of ourselves in case we get stuck in any emergencies. He told us that all of our clothes have an extra pocket where there are some supplies. I wriggled around till I could reach my pocket. I could feel some food supplies, cotton gauze for injuries, and (yes!) a slim metal tube. This tube was a device which each member of the first family had. It was used to send and receive messages, which was useful if we got lost in the house (seems impossible, right?).I pressed the button labeled DAD and prayed he wasn’t in a meeting. Finally the tube glowed green, which meant he was listening. I nudged Ruby to get her attention .She saw the tube in my hand and nodded to show she understood.

‘Can you run us through your plan again?’ asked Ruby, for the sake of my dad, and whoever else was listening with him. ‘Well’ he said, ‘It’s simple. I kidnap you. I take you to the museum, which is where you are right now. I demand lots of money, take it, fly to Brazil, wait for your father to quit his job, and become President. Easy.’

‘So’, I said loudly, ‘What did you say your name was? I seem to have forgotten’. ‘Oh really, dear?’He said, peeling off the mask. It was the Vice President! I never actually liked him, but I never thought he would go as far as kidnapping me. ‘I was a thousand times better than your father ever was,’ He said bitterly. ‘But he became president in the end. Everyone knows about him. Everyone likes him. I’m barely half as popular as him, and I’m the second most powerful. But all that will change now.’ I felt bad for him. He must really feel bad. And then I realized that I was feeling bad for the person who kidnapped me.

‘You’ll never get away with it,’ I said. ‘My father will find us.’ He laughed. ‘What, do you think he’s going to explode out of the walls?’

Just then, the walls exploded and my father leapt out of it.

‘Dad!’ I screamed as he untied us. Men were swarming around us, handcuffing the Vice President and looking for his cohorts. ‘I knew you would come for me!’ He smiled as he replied, ‘Remember this-You’ll always come first.’


A lot of things changed after that. The Vice President obviously got sacked, and guess what? Ruby’s mom became the new Vice, and I’m pretty sure that she won’t kidnap her own daughter. And Ruby also gets to move into the White House!’

Dad must have realized that I deserved more freedom (which I needed very badly) and so as long as I take Ruby and a few body guards can go out every week!

Instead of being tutored, I now go to a private school, where I made a lot of friends, friends who like me for who I am and not what I have.

I get a bit more privacy now, so I can actually have space to breathe, at least at home. Now that I’ve stopped moaning about how my life is doomed forever, I can finally enjoy the perks of being a first kid. You don’t know how much an endless menu and a new pet everyday can brighten up your mood.

I can also meet  about whatever movie star, politician or singer I want, so if you ever want to meet your favorite actress, come down to the White House. The parties are starting to be fun as well, and are about the only time you’ll see us on the dance floor.

But by far the best change was my dad.Dad, the same dad I barely ever saw, even before we moved into the White House, now reserved at least one hour each day for me! We only did normal stuff, like go out for a movie, or play ball on our lawn, but I liked that much more than any fancy ball or restaurant on Earth.

The shift to the White House, which was easily the biggest change in my life, at first seemed devastating, but after I showed my bravery and courage, became the best thing that could happen to me.Hey,maybe I should get kidnapped more often!



Our Very Own Karate Champion!

Bharathwaj.S, Ist standard student of Gopalan International School,won a gold, silver and bronze medal at the “Invitational International Karate Championship – 2012” held at Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh on 9th of December 2012. Bharathwaj.S won gold medal in individual Kata, silver in team Kata and bronze in individual Kumite. Bharathwaj.S holds Brown one Belt in Karate.

Class 7 debate session- Working moms VS. Homemaker moms

On 12th December , the students of class 7 enthusiastically took part in a debate session.The topic of the debate was working moms vs. homemaker moms. The class divided itself  into 2 teams. Each child from the teams came up and criticized the points of the other team,if needed and emphasized on the advantages working/homemaker moms. The debate was interesting and each team put up their thoughts confidently .Among the best points, the ‘Homemaker moms’ team told that homemaker moms can spend more time with their children and can manage and teach their kids life skills better. While, the ‘working moms’ team told that working moms help their houses economically ,and make their kids more independent and responsible. This activity not only added fun to our English class but also helped us gain confidence and learn the skills to express our thoughts assertively .This initiative was taken by our English teacher -Joyce ma’am,to give us an experience of debates. The debate session was ended by a good thought by Joyce ma’am -Be it a working or a homemaker mom both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the love and care for their children is the same.


Ruta Uttarkar


Creative Strokes by our Little Artists

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